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Spring Birdathon


2018 Birdathon Photos: The Fledglings, Great Blue Heron from the Piratical Flycatchers, Persistent Picidaes



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What is Birdathon?

It’s our biggest fundraiser of the year! Donations from this fun event support SCVAS conservation and education programs all across the Bay Area. We are thrilled to have your support in protecting local wildlife and bringing more kids into nature. So grab a team and your binoculars and get ready! Birders of all skill levels are welcome! We'll see you out there!



Birdathon 2018 Results and Wrap Up
from Birdathon Coordinator, Carolyn Knight

Thank you to all of our incredible supporters who brought in over $37,000 for this year’s Birdathon! 72 participants braved cold rain and hot sun to embark on birding journeys in support of SCVAS conservation and education programs. We had eighteen birding teams, including two Big Sit teams, seven 4-hour teams, and nine 24-hour teams.
11 participants raised over $1,000 each, with Linda Sue Johnson, Steven Patt, Renée Polizotto, David McIntyre, and Barry Langdon-Lassagne placing in the top 5 fundraisers, respectively. Team efforts were just as impressive - Bob Hirt’s Rock Wrens raised over $9,000 and won the 24-hour category for fundraising, while Vivek Khanzode’s Fledglings team took the 4-hour category with over $4,000 raised. In our Big Sit category, the Sitting Ducks led by Chuq von Rospach brought in over $3,000.
It wasn’t just about the donations - participants saw an impressive number of birds as well. In the 24-hour category, the Varied Twitchers, led by Mike Rogers, took the prize with 152 species seen in one day. In the 4-hour category, Vivek Khanzode’s Fledglings team saw the most species (107), while the Sitting Ducks, led by Chuq von Rospach, won the Big Sit category with 50 species. The “Best Bird” seen throughout the competition was spotted by the Rock Wrens - an out-of-season Common Loon in full breeding plumage.
SCVAS is especially grateful to all of our sponsors who donated prizes in support of this year’s Birdathon. We would like to extend many thanks to our Golden Eagle sponsors who donated prizes valued at $600 or more: Bob Hirt and Ralph Schardt; our Great Egret sponsors who contributed prizes worth between $250 and $599: Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris, Los Gatos Birdwatcher, Tracy and Bob Neher, and Cooper-Garrod Estate Vineyards; and all of our Western Bluebird sponsors who provided prizes worth up to $249.
I am immensely grateful for the Birdathon Committee’s guidance and support: Chuq Von Rospach, Michael Armer, Bob Hirt, Steven Patt, Ralph Schardt, and Kelsey Frey. Thank you for your energy and tireless dedication! And of course, Birdathon would be nothing without our participants and sponsors. This fundraiser is crucial to maintaining SCVAS education and conservation programs, and we thank you for your support. Happy birding and we’ll see you next year!


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