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Birdathon 2017

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What is Birdathon?

It’s our biggest fundraiser of the year! Donations from this fun event support SCVAS conservation and education programs all across the Bay Area. We're thrilled to have your support in protecting local wildlife and bringing more kids into nature. So grab a team and your binoculars and get ready! Birders of all skill levels are invited! We'll see you out there!



Important Dates

  • • Team Registration: Begins in February and ends at least one week prior to your Birdathon day
  • • Birdathon Window: March 25-April 30
  • • Results Submission Deadline/Donation Cut-off: May 15 @ 5PM
  • • Birdathon Awards Dinner: June 6 @ 6PM


How to Participate

1.     Review dates in the Birdathon Calendar.

2.     Join a Team(s) and Register Online

  • Register here at least one week prior to your birdathon day for our Guided Public Teams or your own Private Team(s). (Guided Public Teams are those that the Birdathon Committee organizes, anyone can join, and are made public on our Team Lists page. Private Teams are not listed on our Team Lists page and are limited to a specific selection of members - anyone can create a private team, but not anyone can join).
  • • Find team categories and a list of current teams here.
  • • Note: Team Leaders should ensure that all their team members register online.

3.     Request Pledges

  • • You must raise at least $50 for each team you join (but we hope you will raise more!). You can also sponsor yourself to meet this.
  • • Don't feel discouraged if you can only raise a small amount. We appreciate all donations - no matter how small!
  • • Become a sponsor here. Your sponsors can donate online or by check, credit card, or cash.
  • • Read our pledge tips to help maximize your pledges.
  • • Feel free to use our sample pledge ask letter (PDFor editable MS Word) for your potential sponsors.
  • • Track your pledges on our sample pledge tracking sheet (PDFor editable MS Excel) or on your own forms. We will notify you of all sponsor donations received online so that you can track them.

4.     Go Birding

5.     Collect Donations

  • • Collect pledged donations through the payment methods listed on our "Become a Sponsor" page.
  • • Make sure all donations are marked with your name so that we can credit you.
  • • SCVAS will send a thank you letter to your donors if we receive their address. You can also send your own using our sample letter (PDFor editable MS Word).
  • • Consider sending a trip report to your sponsors - they'll love reading about your Birdathon adventure! If they made a per species pledge, this is a great time to tell them how many species you saw and remind them of their pledge.

6.     Submit Your Results

  • • For each team that you join, please submit your individual results online and donations collected.
  • • Only results submitted before the Results Submission Deadline (on May 15) will be used to determine prize winners.
  • • Please submit all individual results online no matter how much you raise, so that we can calculate all team totals.

7.     Win a Prize!

  • • Within a couple weeks after the Results Submission Deadline, the Birdathon Coordinator will notify winning teams and individuals (by phone or email) so that they may select a prize from our special prize list.
  • • Prizes are listed here.
  • • Please patronize our generous prize sponsors and let them know that you appreciated their support during Birdathon.

8.     Attend Awards Dinner

  • • Prizes will be handed out at the Awards Dinner held at McClellan Ranch Preserve in Cupertino.
  • • This dinner will include free food and refreshments, prize display and announcements, games, surprises, and fun for all!
  • • Birdathon team members, prize sponsors, and donors are welcome to attend.
  • • If you are not able to attend the dinner, please make arrangements to pick up your prize at the SCVAS office after the dinner.


Questions? Please email our Birdathon Coordinator at