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Teams (left to right): Insider's Guide to East Bay Birding, Peninsula Plovers, Varied Twitchers


Note: Teams will update as team leaders confirm trips, so make sure to check back in for further details on your teams or to find new teams to participate in as Birdathon continues!


Team Categories

  • • 24-hour Teams (Any team over 4 hours is in this category. Teams in this category can choose how they want to look for birds - biking, hiking, running, etc.! Some teams even include owling...)
  • • 4-hour Teams (0-4 hours of fast birding fun! Teams in this category can also choose how they look for birds.)
  • • Big-Sit Teams (0-4 hours; perfect for those who want to do some relaxing bird watching.)
  • • 24-hour Photography Teams (4-24 hours of photographing birds.)
  • • 4-hour Photography (0-4 hours of photographing birds.)

Current Teams

24-hour Teams

• Stevens Creek Ultrabirders with Steve Patt on Saturday, April 14     OPEN

Experience Stevens Creek from top to bottom! Travel from the headwaters at Monte Bello Open Space Preserve to where it empties into San Francisco Bay and onward to Shoreline and Palo Alto Baylands. We'll be on foot from Monte Bello as far as Stevens Creek Blvd. (mostly walking with a little easy/slow running), and then take bikes from there to the Bay (17M on foot, 14.5M by bike). In the past we have hit 100 species on this dawn to dusk route. New date of April 14 due to heavy rain forecast on the 7th. Limited to 3 participants.


Persistent Picidaes with Lisa Myers on Saturday, April 14 from 8:00AM-12:00PM    OPEN

This 24-hour counting team will start at McClellan ranch and stay close to that part of the county.


• Rock Wrens with Bob Hirt on Sunday, April 15     FULL

We start at Page Mill and 1-280 listening for owls, carpool and end up there at day's end after a full SC Valley loop route. We hope for 140 species for the day and to be one of the top fundraising teams again. We are always looking for energetic and generous birding team members.


Wrong Terns with Elaine Gould on Friday, April 20 from 8:00AM-3:00PM     FULL
The Wrong Terns team is composed of SCVAS Education Committee members, Wetlands Discovery Program docents, and other members currently involved or interested in becoming involved in SCVAS Education activities. The name is descriptive of our early trips in the 1990’s when we did not always arrive together at the same location. We start birding at McClellan Ranch, proceed to Steven’s Creek Reservoir and Rancho San Antonio, back to McClellan for our yummy pot luck lunch and then finish at Charleston Slough and Shoreline Lake. We are rather laid back and usually have a total of about 90 species.


• Varied Twitchers with Mike Rogers on Saturday, April 28     OPEN

This is a high intensity day with one of the Bay Area's premier birders, Mike Rogers. Start your day early with owling and continue until sunset. This team has a history of seeing a huge number of species (160+) so join this team today and become part of the legend!


Deja-vireos with Ryan Phillips on Sunday, April 29     FULL

The Deja-Vireos, led by NorCal Birding Owner Ryan Phillips, will set off for a big day of high energy and passion driven birding to hit their goal of 170 species on April 29. The team comprised of Ryan Bourbour, Andy Bradshaw, Ryan Phillips, and Robert Shields will begin owling early in the Santa Cruz Mountains along the Skyline followed by searching areas for montane specialty species such as the Hermit Warbler and Bell’s Sparrow. Then the team will work the valley and east foothills followed by racking up the species count through the bay searching for rarities like the Black Rail. If nocturnal species are still needed then the day continues into the night. This driven team may end up birding a 16 hour day! You can follow their daily findings and photos on @norcalbirding Facebook page. Please consider sponsoring this team. 


4-hour Teams

• Sitting Ducks with Chuq von Rospach on Sunday, March 25 from 9:00AM-1:00PM    FULL
Come join us in a big sit in Shoreline Park for a morning of birds, talk, and teaching as we watch the birds in this beautiful location. Big sits are stationary watches so they are the perfect way to get started. We will have good views of the lake, slough, and salt ponds and so we should have a great variety of birds to discover.

The Fledglings with Vivek Khanzode; Saturday, March 31 from 7:30-11:30AM     FULL

The Fledglings are a team of young student birders. Our youngest member is in middle school and the oldest is in high school. We will start near Charleston Slough at 7:30AM sharp and then make our way to McClellan Ranch to finish off our birding activities at 11:30AM. Young children with interest in birds are welcome to join our team.


• Board not Bored; Monday, April 7 from 9:00AM-12:00PM      FULL 

Spend a morning birding with the SCVAS Board of Directors. We are a mix of beginning to awesome birders brought together by our commitment to SCVAS and its mission. Grab your binos and join us as we seek out birds both common and cryptic.


• Shrikes of Joy with Chuq von Rospach on Sunday, April 8 from 2:00PM-6:00PM     FULL
Join us in a big sit in the new Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve for an afternoon of birds, talk, and teaching as we watch the birds in this beautiful location. Big sits are stationary watches so they are perfect for beginners and accessible to everyone. If you are new to birding or group outings, a big sit is the perfect way to get started. Coyote Valley OSP is a new area that is showing great promise for a wide variety of birds, so you have a chance to help us discover the possibilities of this location. 


• Tax-on-o-me with Ralph Schardt; Tuesday, April 17 from 11:00AM-1:00PM     OPEN

This team includes all beginning birders, especially families with children. This team starts at McClellan Ranch and will head over to the Bay for 3 hours of fun, easy birding. Limited to 15 participants.


• Mean Green Birding Machines with Rob Furrow; Saturday, April 21     FULL

Go green and go mean! This whirlwind bayside biking adventure starts by Crittenden Marsh and heads over to Charleston Slough, encompassing a surprising array of habitats. The MGBM will bike roughly 10 miles at a moderate pace.  It's not about speed, it's about enthusiasm for the birds! High-performance road bikes are not recommended for these trails - use your own judgement. 80+ species.

• Cupertino Creek Cruisers with Deborah Jamison; Sunday, April 22; 7:30AM      OPEN
This year is the 15th annual Cupertino Creek Cruisers Birdathon! It includes a survey of the Stevens Creek corridor that goes beyond the 4 hours, which will be optional for participants. We are serious about birding, but we have a lot of fun, too! As in the past, we are hoping to reach a 50 species goal. Limited to 8 participants.