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Welcome to the Kids' Corner!

by Avery the Avocet

I'm Avery the Avocet. I'll be your guide in exploring the kids' corner.

Avery the Avocet
Avery the Avocet

Fly with me between the different sections of this Kids' Corner to explore the amazing bird species and habitats in the Santa Clara Valley and the greater Bay Area. Find out how to get involved in fun field trips and events for you and your friends and families. Learn about current environmental issues and discover how to take action to protect wildlife and the environment.

If you have any questions, just send me an email, and I'll get back to you soon.

Wetlands Discovery Program

If you are in grades 3-6, you can participate in our Wetlands Discovery Program with your class. More...

Wetlands Discovery Online

Soar with me online through the wetlands to discover many interesting facts about my home. Maybe you will recognize some of my friends there! More...

Young Audubon

I hope your parents will help you join Young Audubon to receive announcements about our field trips, hands-on workshops, and family events. Activities include birding field trips, whale watching, creek explorations, and more. More...

Wildlife Education Day

Sponsored by us at SCVAS, the FREE Wildlife Education Day has become one of the premier festivals in the Bay Area where hundreds of families come together to celebrate and learn about some of my bird friends, nature, ecology, and wildlife through many hands-on activities. More...

Summer Nature Adventures Outdoor Day Camp

A week-long Day Camp for kids in grades 2-6 who love nature and wildlife. Join to explore the wonderful, wacky, and sometimes weird world all around us; it's a great week to get outdoors! More...

You and your family can become a member

Please become a supporting member of SCVAS so I can continue these fun Young Audubon programs with you. You and your parents can join as a family! As SCVAS members, you may receive a discount on special events if there is a fee.

More Education Resources

We also have many other youth and adult Education and Community Outreach programs that you may be interested in. Your teacher should check our Teacher Resource Center.


Last modified May 2015

Upcoming Events at SCVAS

Monday February 15, President's Day Weekend - tours begin at 10:00am, 10:15am and 10:45am
Young Audubon Elephant Seal Walk
Ano Nuevo State Reserve is home to the largest mainland breeding colony of Northern Elephant Seals in the world. More...

Wednesday March 23, 7:00-9:00PM
"Bird Poetry Workshop" with Megan O'Brien
Let your creativity take flight with this fun workshop! More...

What's New at SCVAS

Online "WDP In-Class Worksheet": If your students would like to help save paper, they can now complete the Wetlands Discovery Program online using either the Google Survey Format or the PDF Format online.

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