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Spring Birdathon: 2013 Results

Results Submission

To be eligible to win a prize, each team member must submit a Results Form (PDF or editable MS Word) to the SCVAS Office by the Submission Deadline in May. Please submit your individual Results Form, no matter how little you raise, since these will be used to calculate your team totals.

The results below were compiled from Results Forms submitted by the deadline on May 14, 2013.

Total Money Raised

2013 ... $74,8062008 ... $54,000
2012 ... $79,0672007 ... $40,000
2011 ... $76,0002006 ... $26,625
2010 ... $62,0002005 ... $24,000
2009 ... $55,4252004 ... $22,429

Money Raised by Individuals

$7,000 to $2,000

  1. Dotty Calabrese
  2. David McIntyre
  3. Bob Power
  4. Steve Patt
  5. Bob Hirt
  6. Curtis Snyder
  7. Barry Langdon-Lassagne
  8. Jim Liskovec
  9. Shani Kleinhaus
  10. Katie Obringer

$2,000 to $1,000

  1. Laurie West Roberts
  2. Debbie Thompson
  3. Julio Mulero
  4. Matthew Dodder
  5. Lisa Myers
  6. Leighton Nakata
  7. Mitali Khanzode
  8. Eric Goodill
  9. Maya Zolotar
  10. Carolyln Straub
  11. Doug Cheeseman
  12. Anaya Khanzode
  13. Linda Swanson
  14. Marilyn Waterman

$1,000 to $300

  1. Rob Furrow
  2. Debi Jamison
  3. Beth Hamel
  4. Susan Bell
  5. Amy Sanchez
  6. Mary Wisnewski
  7. Joan Leighton
  8. Lori Cuesta
  9. Diane Hart
  10. Catherine Trejo
  11. Mike Rogers
  12. Linda Johnson
  13. Stephanie Ellis
  14. Shoshannah Flach
  15. Melanie O'Brien
  16. Brooke Miller
  17. Elaine Gould
  18. Renee Polizotto
  19. Cathy Brown
  20. Kristen Holmquist
  21. Richard Page
  22. Calvin Lou
  23. Leena Khanzode
  24. Ann Verdi

Money Raised by Teams

Big Sit Teams
Datasets$941Stephanie Ellis
Eagle Eyes$337Bob Power
Yellow-rumped Squatters $303Lori Cuesta
4-Hour Teams
Surf Scoters$4,528Susan Bell
Rushing Thrushes $3,550Bob Power
Cheeky Chickadees$3,240Debbie Thompson
Cupertino Creek Cruisers$3,237Debi Jamison
Jack Sparrows$2,456Barry Langdon-Lassagne
Mean Green Birding Machines$1,240Robert Furrow
Sketch-o-Maniacs$650Leena Khanzode
24-Hour Teams
Rock Wrens$9,370Bob Hirt
Wild Women Birders $8,724Lori Cuesta
DeDucktions$6,284Matthew Dodder
Bob-O-Links$5,932Bob Power
Snipe Hunters$4,627Laurie Roberts
The Fledglings$4,055Pati Rouzer
Shutterbirds$3,680Steve Patt
St. Anthony Ranchers $2,984Jim Liskovec
Persistent Picadaes$2,173Lisa Myers
Wrong Terns$1,283Elaine Gould
Palyformes $1,218Bob Power
OhMy!Godwits $917Beth Hamel
Almaden Eagles$897Ann Verdi
Santa Clara Skimmers$550Andy Kleinhesselink
Varied Twitchers $449Mike Rogers
SAVvy Migrants$416Bill Bousman
Fly by Night Falcons$354Richard Jeffers
Geared Grebes$317Nateri Madavan
Plover Exposures$175Steven Tracey

Number of Species Found by Teams

Big Sit Teams
Eagle Eyes62
Yellow-rumped Squatters51
4-Hour Teams
Mean Green Birding Machines102
Rushing Thrushes99
Cheeky Chickadees96
Jack Sparrows92
Surf Scooters48
Cupertino Creek Cruisers48
24-Hour Teams
Santa Clara Skimmers 181
Fly by Night Falcons177
Geared Grebes172
Varied Twitchers 164
Snipe Hunters142
Rock Wrens136
SAVvy Migrants116
Wild Women Birders 114
Persistent Picidaes108
Almaden Eagles98
Palyformes 97
The Fledglings 94
Wrong Terns84
St. Anthony Ranchers57

Number of Species Photographed by Teams

4-Hour Teams
Jack Sparrows64
24-Hour Teams
Plover Exposure121

Best Bird Counted

Cape May Warbler found by team Geared Grebes

Most Artistic Bird Photographed

Ring-necked Pheasant photograhed by Steve Patt


Updated June 2013

Spring Birdathon Team
Spring Birdathon Team

Spring Birdathon benefits
kids and the environment

Thanks to you, the Birdathon fundraising record has been broken each year as more and more folks find out how fun and easy it is to participate. This growth has enabled SCVAS to increase the number of youngsters, many from low income families, that we reach with our science education programs. Your donation dollars also support our many conservation efforts that make us one of the most respected conservation organizations in the Bay Area. Don't forget - all donations are tax-deductible!

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