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Spring Birdathon: 2015 Results

Results Submission Deadline

To be eligible to win a prize, each team member must submit a Results Form (PDF or editable MS Word) to the SCVAS Office by the Submission Deadline in May. Please submit your individual Results Form, no matter how little you raise, since these will be used to calculate your team totals.

Another Spring Birdathon Success in 2015

by Debbie Thompson

The 2015 Spring Birdathon was another resounding success for SCVAS both in fundraising and fun. All 110 participants on 18 teams turned in their best efforts to count birds and raise money for our critical conservation and education programs. We are proud to announce that the event raised over $37,000!

We extend a special thank-you to our 2015 Spring Birdathon Prize Sponsors. These sponsors donate valuable prizes to entice individuals to raise more money. Big thanks go to our Golden Eagle Sponsors who donated prizes worth $600 or more: Los Gatos Birdwatcher and Nancy Teater. We also thank our Great Egret Sponsors who donated prizes worth $250 to $600: Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris and Hawaii Forest and Trail. Many other sought-after prizes were donated by others; see for the entire list of sponsors.

Thirteen participants raised over $1,000! David McIntyre, Deborah Jamison, Bob Hirt, Barry Langdon-Lassagne, Renee Polizotto, and Lisa Myers raised over $2,000 each. We are happy to announce that the top 30 individual fundraisers (except members of the SCVAS Board and Staff) were able to select a prize from our long list of desirable prizes.

Team fundraising turned in some nice totals this year. In the four-hour counter's category with four teams, in first place was the Cupertino Creek Cruisers led by Deborah Jamison raising over $3,000 and in second place was the St. Anthony Ranchers led by Jim Liskovec raising over $2,600. For the 24-hour counter's category with eight teams, in first place was the Rocks Wrens led by Bob Hirt raising over $6,000 and in second place was the Snipe Hunters led by Laurie Roberts raising over $4,200.

The friendly competition to count the most bird species resulted in some competitive numbers. In the 24-hour counter's category (any number of hours between four and 24) the Varied Twitchers led by Mike Rogers identified 153 species and in second place the Rock Wrens led by Bob Hirt identified 138 species. In the four-hour category the Raptors to Rails led by Caroline Lambert won with 107 species and in second place the Mean Green Birding Machines led by Rob Furrow identified 97 species (this was especially remarkable since the Machines conducted their census on bikes!). The Big Sit category team Eagle Eyes led by Gena Zolotar turned in 65 species and team Datasets led by Stephanie Ellis, counted 62 species – both impressive numbers of species counted from one 30-foot circle.

We also continued our Photography Birdathon competition this year. In the four-hour category the Lens Loons led by Caroline Lambert photographed 79 species. In the 24-hour category the Plover Exposures led by Steven Tracey photographed 113 species and the OhMyGodwits! led by Beth Hamel photographed 108 species.

Team Fledglings entered the competition again this year with eight team members all between the ages of six and 16. Pati Rouzer led them in counting an amazing 93 species and raising over $900. Hats off to these determined kids who set a high bar for the adults in our competition.

Special kudos go to the Spring Birdathon Committee who worked tirelessly from fall through spring to make this a success: Renee Polizotto (Chairperson), Julio Mulero, Steven Patt, Bob Hirt, Mary Wisnewski, Debbie Thompson, and Andy Bradshaw. The committee wants to extend special thanks to Andy, SCVAS staff member, who provided the daunting administrative support.

Lastly, we especially appreciate each and every one of our participants, both big and small fundraisers alike. We know raising money is not on everyone's list of favorite activities but without your concerted efforts our conservation and education programs would surely falter. We look forward to having you participate again in 2016!


Updated June 2015

Spring Birdathon Team
Spring Birdathon Team

Teams & Leaders 2015
Thank you!

Mean Green Birding Machines: Rob Furrow
Cupertino Creek Cruisers: Deborah Jamison
Varied Twitchers: Mike Rogers
Rock Wrens: Bob Hirt
Persistent Picidaes: Lisa Myers
Fledglings: Pati Rouzer
Eagle Eyes: Gena Zolotar
Data Sets: Stephanie Ellis
Cheeky Chickadees: Debbie Thompson
OhMyGodwits!: Beth Hamel
Raptors to Rails: Caroline Lambert
St. Anthony Ranchers: Jim Liskovec
Snipe Hunters: Laurie West-Roberts
The Jack Sparrows: Barry Langdon-Lassagne
Los Picos Vellosos: Bill Walker
Wrong Terns: Elaine Gould
Lens Loons: Caroline Lambert
Plover Exposure: Steven Tracey

Spring Birdathon benefits
kids and the environment

Thanks to you, the Birdathon fundraising record has been broken each year as more and more folks find out how fun and easy it is to participate. This growth has enabled SCVAS to increase the number of youngsters, many from low income families, that we reach with our science education programs. Your donation dollars also support our many conservation efforts that make us one of the most respected conservation organizations in the Bay Area. Don't forget - all donations are tax-deductible!

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