Time: 7:30PM-9:00PM


Cost: Free


Topic: “Birding, Island Style!” with Vayun Tiwari




Description: When people talk of the “Island Lifestyle” they think of Hawaiian shirts, Bermuda shorts and flip-flops. But what if you can be wearing all of those while taking photographs of some cool birds at the same time! That’s the joy of island birding: sun, surf, sand, snorkeling, some widespread species and some endemics. In this talk Vayun will share some of that joy, sharing his pictures and experiences from some Caribbean and other islands. The offshore keys of Belize and the islands in Bahamas like Abaco and New Providence have a fascinating mix of North American and widespread Caribbean species, along with a handful of interesting endemics. Trinidad and Tobgao on the other end are close to the South American mainland and have many typical neotropical birds but also some species mainly restricted to Venezuela and thus hard to get now. We will then travel to the Pacific and share some pictures from the island of Kauai and some endemics from Taiwan.

Vayun is a 14 year old freshman at Harker High School. Besides bird photography, his other interests are playing competitive soccer and playing the trumpet in his high school Jazz Band. While Vayun has been birding with his dad, Vivek Tiwari, for a few years, and has participated in birdathons with the Fledglings, the Santa Clara youth team, he started bird photography during a family trip to the Florida Everglades in 2012. Since then he has also photographed in California, Panama, Peru, Belize, Hawaii, Bahamas and during his most recent trip with his dad to Trinidad and Tobago. He mainly uses a Canon 400/5.6L but recently started using a Canon Mark II 100-400/5.6L. He likes birding because each individual bird is unique in their own way and it is interesting to observe the differences in their habitats and behaviors. And while his dad may still be better at finding birds, Vayun feels he is already better at capturing them, especially action and flight shots.


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