Time: 7:30PM-9:00PM


Cost: Free


Topic: “Southern Arizona Bird Photography and Hotspots” with Tom Ingram




Description: Over the last few years Southern Arizona became one of my personal favorite locations for seasonal bird photography. Spring attracts warblers to the higher elevations of Mount Lemmon, such as the Red-faced Warbler and Grace’s Warbler, the Elf Owls can be seen nesting in Saguaro Cactus; Scott's Oriole can be found in Madera Canyon within the Santa Rita Mountains; and several species of Hummingbirds can be found throughout the area.  

In the winter, I enjoy the area as the crowds of people have died down, yet you can still find a lot of the local specialty birds, such as the Arizona Woodpecker, Gila Woodpecker, Mexican Jay and if you’re lucky a Montezuma Quail. During this presentation, I will share a wide variety of birds I have photographed throughout the year, provide some of my favorite locations, and suggest the best places to find lodging. In addition to birds, I will also mix in a few manuals, such as Pallid Bats photographed at Elephant Head Pond.


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