This annual census covers a radius from the Bay to the Santa Cruz Mountains, with four regions in each of Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. We welcome eager birders at any level of experience. To participate in the same region where you have counted previously, please contact your region coordinator soon. Note that Ann Hepenstal has taken over from Rob Furrow as coordinator for region 4 (Santa Clara County lowlands west of Hwy 101), and (for the second year) Chris O’Connell coordinates the corresponding San Mateo Co. region 3; if you do not know how to reach them, Al (below) can put you in touch.


If you are new to this count or would like to explore a different region than before, please contact Al Eisner ( In order to find you a good spot, we need to hear from you at least two weeks before the count (the sooner the better).


Find more information on the Christmas Bird Count here.