Time: 7:30PM-9:00PM


Cost: Free


Topic: "Uganda Wonderland" with Mark Rauzon




Description: “What amazing sight will we see today?” That was our mantra as we awoke every morning of our 23-day custom birding safari for my wife and I with Crammy Wanyama of Avian Safaris. The numbers alone are amazing, in driving 2200 km over 23 days, Crammy got me onto 200 species of birds to photographs, while over 500 species were seen during our trip, including 9 species of giant hornbills, 12 species of kingfishers, 7 sightings of the iconic Shoebills. We encountered 57 species of mammals, with 14 species of primates, including 21 gorillas and 16 chimps, tons and tons of hippos, (not that many really) and white rhino calf wallowing with a tremendously horned rhino mother. If I had to pick a peak experience, it would be a night drive in the savannah of Murchinson Falls Park, shining our torchlights over the herds of resting antelopes, hoping to catch the eyeshine of the Pennant Nightjars, and seeing the streamer-winged birds take off in the light and flutter into the night like giant moths- although, visiting a Crowned Eagle nest after tracking the Green-breasted Pitta comes close.


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