Time: 7:30PM-9:00PM


Cost: Free


Topic: "A Birdwatcher's Take on Bird Photography: Life Histories Across the Avian Evolutionary Spectrum" with Dorian Anderson




Description: I started birdwatching in 1986, at age 7, but it wasn't until 25 years later that I picked up bird photography. Since that second passion emerged, I have birded and photographed throughout the United States and in international destinations including Spain, Sweden, Belize, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Australia, and Taiwan. In that time I have observed nearly 2,000 different species and photographed many hundreds. I spend as much time shooting sparrows and shorebirds as I do trogons and hummingbirds, and my birding background lends much insight into the identification and life histories of my various subjects. In my presentation I will highlight the incredible diversity of forms that birds present, and I will do my best to augment each image with interesting bits of trivia about the species depicted. I hope this will be an avian showcase that you will long remember. 


See the Bay Area Bird Photographers page for more information.