Time: 7:30PM-9:00PM


Cost: Free


Topic: BYOP (Bring Your Own Photos)


Description: Calling all bird photographers! Time to round up a few photos, as you are all invited to participate in the "Bring Your Own Photos" night at this month's meeting of the Bay Area Bird Photographers. This first meeting of the season is reserved for photo sharing.


Show up with a maximum of 10 photos to share with the rest of the evening’s attendees. It’s your choice as to what photos to bring - a summer trip, favorites from the year, a single bird study, anything goes. Place your jpeg images on a USB flash drive andduring the evening we will simply plug your drive into the projector and give you each about 2 minutes to share your photos with the group. 


A couple notes on photo preparation:


  1. The projector sorts the photos by file name in alphanumeric order. 
  2. Do not use the “progressive” option in Photoshop for outputting your jpeg images, as this format is not supported by our projector.
  3. Best to avoid full resolution images for better projector performance. 1400 pixels on the long edge is good. 


Note: Non-photographers are welcome as well!


See the Bay Area Bird Photographers page for more information.