Time: 8:30 AM (Half day) Lunch optional.


Leader: Ralph Schardt, (408) 624-7845


Directions: Take Hwy 237 east, crossing I-880 and I-680 (237 becomes Calaveras Rd.), turn left on Downing Rd. to the park entrance. Meet in parking lot on the far, northeast side of Sandy Wool Lake (near the dog park). 


Notes: Entrance fee or County Park Pass required.



Below is a report of the bird sightings from this field trip.


Time: 8:30 – 11:30am

Weather: Sunny, very few clouds – fog burning off; 72 degrees F; Light breeze to none.

Notes: First spot was the Red-tailed Hawk.

Bald Eagle was seen perched in a tree about 200yds away from participants – probably an adult male.

Yellow-billed Magpies were seen perched in a redwood snag, near the top. There were 16 of them.

Belted Kingfisher was seen perched near the lake in a willow with a small fish in its bill.

Two Black-crowned Night Herons were perched in a willow next to the kingfisher.

White Pelicans were scene in a flock flying over – we counted over 100 in the flock. 

There were two Golden Eagles soaring together overhead and throughout the hills.


Complete List of Birds Seen

  1. Red-tailed Hawk
  2. Scrub Jay
  3. Western Bluebird
  4. Canada Goose
  5. Black Phoebe
  6. House Finch
  7. White-tailed Kite
  8. Yellow-billed Magpie
  9. Turkey Vulture
  10. Bewick’s Wren
  11. Caspian Tern
  12. Belted Kingfisher
  13. Black-crowned Night Heron
  14. Double-crested Cormorant
  15. Bald Eagle
  16. Mallard
  17. Green Heron
  18. Anna’s Hummingbird
  19. Mourning Dove
  20. Brown-headed Cowbird
  21. White-breasted Nuthatch
  22. Loggerhead Shrike
  23. Nuttall’s Woodpecker
  24. Acorn Woodpecker
  25. Lesser Goldfinch
  26. Oak Titmouse
  27. Golden Eagle
  28. American Kestrel
  29. Prairie Falcon
  30. Violet-green Swallow
  31. Cooper’s Hawk
  32. White Pelican
  33. Red-winged Blackbird