Time: Refreshments at 7:30, program at 8:00 P.M.


Cost: Free


Speaker: Faith Rigolosi


Topic: The Grebes of Clear Lake



Faith Rigolosi, Clark's Grebes, Western Grebe mother and chick


Description: Faith is a photographer and co-owner of Eyes of the Wild Pontoon Boat Tours. She give tours on Clearlake, the largest breeding area of the Clark’s and Western Grebes.


"I have photographers and bird watchers come from all over, including Japan, Florida, and this May, from Virginia. The grebes are very special to me. They court in eight different and fascinating ways, my favorite being the Rush and the Weed ceremony.  After courting they generally have one to five chicks which jump on the parents back immediately after hatching. Once they’re teens every grebe, usually non-breeders, help feed the chicks. I never get bored photographing these social and fun-loving birds. My goal is to hopefully educate people to value these amazing creatures as much as I do and gain an appreciation of the ever-changing and now fragile environment they inhabit." - Faith Rigolosi